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FACES-I Mailing List Women in Digital and Electronic Arts

Fem.Tek Bilbao


Eclectic Tech Carnival


Transhack Feminist!

Mz Balthazar’s Laboratory

FLO Project – Female Project Orchestra




Making/Breaking the Binary: Women, Art & Technology 

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Women in Media Arts – Ars Electronica Center Archive

A Partial List of Women in Media Arts

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Fem Tour Truck – Feminist Audiovisual Festival

2018 Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology Conference

she makes noise 2017 | La Casa Encendida

She Makes Noise Tumblr

In English – Teklafestival

Technology Is Not Neutral – Brighton Digital Festival

Women, Technology, and Creativity Symposium | Berklee Valencia Campus

Festival Internacional de Artes Feministas | ÍMPETU Centro de Estudios

electronnes: El Festival de Mujeres, Arte y Tecnología – creatrices.ch

News | Mesto žensk – City of Women

Women power up the Current with electronic arts and music festival | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly

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ADA journal

Women in Electronic Music



Heroines Of Sound

She Said So

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