Women’s Projects, Collectives and Networks

This is a partial list of the all women and feminist collectives, projects, networks and communities at the intersection of arts and technology since the 90’s internationally. We consider, together with the main topics, the following: cyberfeminism, women in media arts, women in digital and electronic arts, electronic music, hackerspaces, makerspaces, feminist methodologies, journals, magazines, interdisciplinarity, transactionality, biohacking, female body and cyborg, women in TIC, etc.

FACES-I Mailing List Women in Digital and Electronic Arts

Old Boys Network


Fem.Tek Bilbao

Mujeres STEAM



Eclectic Tech Carnival


Transhack Feminist!

Mz Balthazar’s Laboratory

FLO Project – Female Project Orchestra


XYZ: safe virtual space from gender perspective

Prototype: Feminist Hackerspace in Pittsburgh



Making/Breaking the Binary: Women, Art & Technology 

Elas Fan Tech


Archives and lists

Women in Media Arts – Ars Electronica Center Archive

A Partial List of Women in Media Arts

Festivals and Conferences

AWMAT – 2019 Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology Conference

Fem.Elek Barcelona

My mother was a computer: Legacies of Gender and Technology

Fem Tour Truck – Feminist Audiovisual Festival

she makes noise 2017 | La Casa Encendida

She Makes Noise Tumblr

Current Symposium: Women in Electronic Arts

In English – Teklafestival

Technology Is Not Neutral – Brighton Digital Festival

Women, Technology, and Creativity Symposium | Berklee Valencia Campus

Festival Internacional de Artes Feministas | ÍMPETU Centro de Estudios

electronnes: El Festival de Mujeres, Arte y Tecnología –

City of Women

Magazines and Journals

ADA journal

Women in Electronic Music
List by Dr Liz Dobson – 50 female collectives in sound 



Heroines Of Sound

She Said So

Women in Visual Arts

Spain: MAV


International Council Women in the Arts

This work belongs to a research project by Elena Robles, PhD candidate at Universität Politecnica de Valencia. With the results obtained, a visualization map of the transnational network will be built in this platform during 2019 and published in 2020.

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