Networking Space for Women in

Visual & Performing Arts

Fashion & Graphic Design


Cultural Industries

Digital & Electronic Arts

Code & Developers


What we do

Space for networking

Since 2018 we build an annual conference where professional women from different disciplines gather together to promote their work and to exchange ideas. Women in visual, digital and performing arts together with women entrepreneurs and women in STEM.


Atenea organizes a series of workshops in electronic arts and transmedia within its annual conference, lead by international women artists

Programa Mentoras

Funded by the FECYT (, Atenea has developed this last year 2019-2020 a mentoring program for kids and teenagers in different cities of Spain. The program was focused on teaching STEM skills through new media art with women artists as mentors. Due to COVID-19 half of the program was developed online, available in our YouTube Channel.

DO YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY AND BECOME A NEW ATENEA? We get you in touch with an specific female profile you are looking for your projects.