DIY e-Textile Sensors por Giulia Tomasello

(realizado con el apoyo del Centro de Innovación Las Naves

In this video, it is described how to make three different e-textile sensors: pressure sensor, bend
sensor and push sensor. By following the instruction, you can build three soft sensors, test them
and learn how to prototype physical soft objects. Conductive thread can be a good substitute of
conductive fabric.
The fabrication of soft sensors are inspired by Plusea’s Instructables – https://
Background music by Anna Aying –

Materials to make:

* Conductive Thread
* Conductive Fabric

* Velostat or Eeontex (resistive fabric)

* Fusible Interfacing

* Foam

* Iron

* Fabric

* SewingThread

* Sewing Needle

* Fabric & Paper Scissors

* Paper

* Pen

Materials to test:

* 9V Battery

* 220 ohm Resistor

* Crocodile Clips

* Led

Giulia Tomasello is a designer committed to women’s intimate care and its innovation, combining
biotechnology and interactive wearables. Winner of Re-FREAM, STARTS Prize and WORTH
Partnership, awarded from EU Horizon 2020, for her projects Alma, Future Flora and Rethinking
the Bra. Giulia offers a new deeper knowledge of women’s wellbeing, developing innovative tools
in the intersection between medical and social sciences. Coded Bodies is her teaching platform
designed to learn basics of soft wearables and an exploration of biological textiles.
Tomasello is currently a visiting lecturer at Politecnico di Milano and Royal College of Art
London. The last prize she won is the World Omosiroi Japanese Award, achieved in 2020 for her
multidisciplinary work.